Walt Disney World Tips

Short and sweet tips to help first time visitors.

  1. Don’t pack your MagicBands in your checked luggage.  You will need them right away at Walt Disney World.  If you are using Magical Express, your luggage will appear in your hotel room so you will not have an opportunity to get the MagicBands from your luggage immediately when you arrive.
  2. Buy your tickets directly from Disney.
  3. Don’t over-stress over the planning.  There is an appropriate amount of planning that gets you ready for a trip.  After that, it just induces stress.
  4. Shoes for Walt Disney World.  Wear shoes that you can use to walk several miles without complaining.  If you can put your flipflops on and take a 5 mile hike, then they will do.  If you require a bit more padding and support, then wear something different.
  5. Arrive prior to the opening of each park so that you can be through the turnstiles and waiting 10 minutes or so for rope-drop.  Mornings in the parks are just the best.
  6. If you are driving to the Magic Kingdom, it takes a while to get from your car to the park.  You have to take the parking lot tram to the Ticket and Transportation Center, and then either the monorail or ferry to the park.  Factor in an extra 20 minutes or so for this.