MagicBands at Walt Disney World – Do I need them

First time visitors to Walt Disney World may wonder what a MagicBand is, and what does it provide them?  This question is really only relevant to people staying off-site because Disney hotel guests will receive their bands automatically as part of their reservation.  These same off-site guests may wonder if Magic Bands are worth the… Continue reading MagicBands at Walt Disney World – Do I need them

Where Can I get the BEST DEAL ON Disney Tickets

Where to get the “best deal” on Walt Disney World tickets is the most oft asked question for first time planners.  A quick search using your favorite search engine reveals that there are incredible deals out there, right?  Which one should you use?  Are these real? Are these deals real?  Sort of, but not really.… Continue reading Where Can I get the BEST DEAL ON Disney Tickets

The Disney Cast Members – Incredible

Over the years we have had many excellent encounters with Disney Cast Members (their code for “employees”) throughout the Walt Disney World Resort.  At times they have been incredible.  Sure, you will occasionally see someone who is at the end of their shift, near the end of their rope, and just ready to get out… Continue reading The Disney Cast Members – Incredible

My Favorite Disney Character Autographs

A few Walt Disney World Trips back, we decided to do a different autograph experience with the kids.  Instead of autograph books, we bought them Disney Character t shirts.  We purchased shirts for their favorite characters and we made sure that they were mostly white.  We then used permanent laundry markers we had brought along… Continue reading My Favorite Disney Character Autographs

First Morning – To the Magic Kingdom

Keeping it light this morning. For those of you unfamiliar with the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, the trip from the front gate of Walt Disney World to the park is part of the adventure.  While guests who stay on-site are dropped via boat, monorail, or most likely bus (UGH) a short walk from… Continue reading First Morning – To the Magic Kingdom