Naked at the Magic Kingdom

OK, the title is a bit misleading.  We were not naked.  That is not something you would want to see.  But for the first time we were there with no jackets, water bottles, extra sunscreen, snacks, rain poncho…  And it was great.

Starting when our children were small, we have always carried all the necessities into the parks.  In the early days it was bottles and diapers as well as rain gear and snacks for the kids.  We purposefully picked a stroller with a huge basket to carry the junk.

In later years we graduated to each person carrying their own jacket, rain gear, water bottle, and snacks.  We tend to go to Walt Disney World during the cooler months, so the mornings and evenings require a jacket.

For our most recent trip, we each carried a water bottle, a poncho, autograph supplies, and a couple small snacks in those little drawstring backpacks.  In addition I had hand sanitizer and my wife had sunscreen. This bag also became the place to put our jackets when they were shed an hour or so after rope drop.  Some days we carried a sandwich too.  Don’t get the idea that we don’t spend money on food while there.  We still buy snacks and meals and coffee and ice cream and…the list goes on.  It is just nice to have a bag of trail mix in line sometimes instead of another sugar bomb from a cart.  It is nice to have a Gatorade instead of a soda…

Well, on the last day of our trip we went into the Magic Kingdom for only a few hours before we left to drive home.  On that day we had our magic bands and my wallet and no bag of other stuff.  It was really a great experience.  It was freeing. We were light on our feet and not stuffing the bag between our legs on every attraction.

We will continue to carry a water bottle, and our jackets, and some snacks in the future.  But, it was a nice change to just show up with a credit card and a ticket too so  I plan to also repeat that experience in the future.  If you get the chance, leave your pack in the car for the morning and just do a park with no additional stuff.

Have a great day.  See you at the Magic Kingdom some time.

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