Pirates of the Caribbean – The Auction Scene

YO HO YO HO a pirate’s life for me.  Pirates of the Caribbean has been changed.  Now the auction scene is based on auctioning chickens instead of wenches.

Few things are as disappointing to a Disney fan as a closed signature attraction during your visit to Walt Disney World.  Pirates of the Caribbean, my favorite classic attraction, was closed for refurbishment during our recent visit.  However, I am a big fan of making updates to the rides, and most of all, performing maintenance and cleaning.  So, while I was disappointed I wholeheartedly approve and understand that these things happen.

Only two weeks after our return we read the news that Pirates of the Caribbean is once again open.  But THEY CHANGED IT!!!  OHHHHHH NOOOOOO.  They changed the captured wench auction to a chicken auction.

Years ago, the auction scene showed a pirate chasing a wench trying to, well, let’s not get into what he was trying to do.  That morphed into a scene where the wench was chasing the pirate trying to wack him over the head.  In the latest incarnation, that changed to a chicken auction and the read-headed wench has now become a gun-toting pirate.

I am not horrified or offended by any of these changes.  Pirates of the Caribbean is not about real history.  Times change, sometimes for the better.    Things that were funny years ago are way less funny now.  That is a good thing.  I try not to judge the original content based on today’s standards, but I also don’t want to cling to out of date ideas based on some sense that everything that is built must be preserved in its original form.

I personally look forward to my next trip and hope to have better timing so that I can once again enjoy my favorite classic, and updated for the better, Walt Disney World Attraction.

Keep up the good work Walt Disney World.  Maintenance, and changes are a must.  I look forward to enjoying the results of all your labor.

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