Few conversations about favorite foods at Walt Disney World can be completed without someone mentioning THE DOLE WHIP….(queue the fire works, flowers, TA-DAAA band notes, and all the oooooohs and ahhhhhhhs).

For our latest trip to Walt Disney World we decided to look for must-do “things” that we have never done.  Hours were spent scouring the web for those things that people deem to be the most important, must do, signature Walt Disney World experiences.  The number one result of our search was THE DOLE WHIP  (OOOOOOH, AHHHHHH).  Since we have never had THE DOLE WHIP (OOOOOOOH, AHHHHHHH) it was quickly placed at the top of the list (ya, an actual list in a spreadsheet).

Finally, the time for our first DOLE WHIP (OOOOOOOH, AHHHHHH) had arrived.  We were on Spring Break.  It was warm.  It was after lunch.  We were hungry, and we were in Frontier Land.  A quick cut through to Adventure Land and there it was, inconspicuously hidden behind The Magic Carpets of Aladdin.  We had reached our destination, Aloha Isle, home of THE DOLE WHIP (OOOOOOOH, AHHHHH).  My wife and daughter scoped out a table while my son and I got 4 Pineapple Dole Whip Cups.  The cost was less than $5 each, which for a big cup of a frozen treat is not a bad price.  Hey, I would pay almost that for a Blizzard at home.

We took our pictures to commemorate that first experience, and we dug in.  First one bite, then another.  Then a cleanup around the rim of the bowl with a spoon to prevent dripping, then another bite…  Our eyes darted to each others’ faces to judge reactions.  I took another bite and held it on my tongue to get all the flavor.  Finally, I asked “so what do you think”?  The answer from my daughter….”ya, it is good…”  From my son, silence.  From my wife, “well, there is nothing wrong with it”.  From me, “I think I like vanilla or chocolate better, but it is ok”…..

Soooo.  Been there, done that, had the Dole Whip.  It was good.  Nothing wrong with it.  However, we had another 5 days or so at the parks and we did not get another.  Did we put too much focus and too many high hopes into one cup of frozen dessert?  Maybe.  Was it good?  Yep.  Did it make my list of must do Walt Disney World attractions and foods that must be repeated in order to feel like we have had the Walt Disney World experience?  Well, not so much.  Some day, if it is once again hot, and it is the afternoon, and we are hungry, and we find ourselves just a cut-through from Aloha Isle, we may have another DOLE WHIP (OOOOOH?   AHHHHHHH?)  But alas, I cannot join the throng of Dole Whip worshipers.  I don’t need the t-shirt or the hat.  It was a nice, cold, sweet, calorie filled break.  And…well, that is it.

Have a great day.  See you sometime in the Magic Kingdom.  Bye.


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