PhotoPass at Walt Disney World in Florida

PhotoPass at Walt Disney World is a photography system where staff photographers take pictures of your party.  The pictures are stored on some big computer somewhere.  Each time they take your picture they scan the magic band of one person in your party, or if you have no bands they will give you a credit card sized card that serves the same function.  Each time you get your picture taken, they can scan the same card or a band. At the end of the trip you can go online and look at all the pictures that they took.  If you forget a card in your other bag one day, they will just give you another.  When the trip is all over, you can enter all your card numbers into an internet screen and all your pictures will pop up together in your account.

There are photographers placed all over the parks, with many ready to take your pictures in front of the icons (or weenies, as Walt would say).  In addition there are photographers at all of the character meet and greet locations, and the character restaurants.  Also, Disney is now including the automatic pictures taken on some of the rides.  After the ride, just find your picture on the screens by the exit and scan a band.

The PhotoPass website has all kinds of products you can buy from coffee mugs with your picture on them, to T-shirts and greeting cards and Iphone covers.  You can also buy individual prints.

The most popular item is likely the Memory Maker package.  This is a cd or download of all the pictures that were taken during your trip.  If you pre-buy that package before your trip it is currently $169.

My Opinion

About the time you are making the payment for your tickets and your room and your flights, that extra $169 seems like the last straw. We have been to Walt Disney World many times over the years and only purchased the Memory Maker package once.  On that trip we were going with another family so we split the cost of the package and got all our pictures put on one disk together.  It was nice.  For my family, $169 seems a bit high, but $85 did not.   If you plan to stop and get your pictures taken often, it is a good service. You get more pictures of your entire party and the quality is pretty good. So, I do recommend the service however it is not a must-have item.  Your phone takes pictures too.  If you want to limit the budget a bit, this is one item you can leave out and still have a great trip.


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