Thoughts on 2017 D23 Announcements – The Magic Kingdom

Like most Walt Disney World fans, I feel very…protective, when it comes to the Magic Kingdom.  That being said, I never want it to become stale.  I think that the changes proposed at this year’s D23 will compliment and improve the Magic Kingdom, and I look forward to seeing them come to life.

A new theatre inspired by Kansas City’s Willis Theatre.  OK, this one is a bit of a snoozer.  It is fine.  I can see how they can do some neat stuff in a theatre.  Sounds great.

TRON – Yeaaaaaaaaa.  OK, I have some reservations on this one.  TRON is not my favorite movie, and I saw the original as a child.  It was cool then, but just did not stand up to time.  However, this is a very popular ride in China, and it looks like a new kind of coaster experience.  So, I love it.  The artwork looks like they will be able to weave it into Tomorrow Land really well.  The location looks like they should be able to build it with minimal disruption of the existing park.  I love this one.  I hope they focus on it and get it done.

Overall, this is a great addition.


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