Thoughts on 2017 D23 Announcements – Epcot

Here are my thoughts on this year’s D23 announcements for Epcot.


Guardians of the Galaxy – This is announced as a brand new E-ticket attraction in Future World based on a cool movie franchise.  SWEEEEET.  Hard to say anything bad about that.  Based on the information I see on Disney’s site I cannot really tell if this is a brand new attraction or a copy of Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! in Cali. Either way, I look forward to it and hope it is over the top cool.

Of course, we must all pretend to mourn the demise of Ellen’s Energy Adventure, or Universe of Energy, or whatever it is called now.  But really, we only went in there when it was hot and we were tired and the lines for everything else were too long.  So, a quick moment of silence….OK, enough of that.  NEW E-TICKET RIDE.  YAAAAAAAA!

New space themed restaurant near Mission Space – I really have no opinion on this one.  The menu was not announced.  It will be a table service restaurant..  I cannot judge a restaurant based on the information I have so far.  I remain cautiously optimistic.

New “Ratatouille”-inspired attraction is planned for the France pavilion in World Showcase.   YES.  YES.  YES.  This addition of attractions in the pavilions is an incredibly good idea.  People somehow think that these attractions will detract from the travel-commercial quality of the pavilions.  I disagree, and sort of don’t care.  I think that you can easily tuck a good attraction into these pavilions and still maintain the ambiance of the place.  This will be especially great if they can add new big attractions BEHIND the current pavilions, adding another ring of buildings around the outside of the park.  Hey, I think they should get Pixar working on a movie for each country so that they can open a new ride simultaneously with a hit cartoon.  I wouldn’t even replace the few attractions that are there.  They would be a bonus.  Remember, I want to build the new attractions in a ring around what we have now.

I am nostalgic, but not some kind of purist.  I think that the pavilions would benefit from the addition of ride type attractions.  I just do not see how they would detract from the travel-commercial, ambiance of the place.  I would add them behind the existing pavilions and end up with a park that can open earlier rather than waiting until lunch time because the restaurants are the primary draw.  Spreading more people across the park, earlier in the day, means more food and stuff being sold.  It is a win-win for everyone.



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