Thoughts on 2017 D23 Announcements – Hollywood Studios

I have waited several days to write this so that I could digest the announcements.  After much consideration, soul searching, and thinking of the memories I have of the attractions that are on the chopping block, my response is…YAAAAA. Bout freakin time. Walt Disney World has been somewhat neglected when it comes to capital projects for several years as the focus of the company and their money was half a world away in China.  At last there are some changes going in that are more than plywood cutouts propped up along outdated ride tracks.  Below are my more specific thoughts on their announcements.

Toy Story Land is scheduled to open next summer in 2018. Excellent.  Nuf said.

Star Wars Land now has a real name, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge …Cool.  It should open in 2019 so the wait is not too long.  I think it will be popular enough to bring in some additional guests to the resort instead of poaching guests from their other three parks like Pandora.  As a stockholder, yaaaa, more guests.  As a visitor, boooo. Plus, HS needs something cool right now.

I and many others will probably still refer to it as Star Wars Land.  It is just a Disney thing to have lands.  I am sure nobody will be offended…

(Side rant:  Pandora, really?  Come on… It was a heavy handed environmental flick that only did well because of the groundbreaking special effects that are commonplace today.  The show has no legs and nobody under 40 has seen it.  Did you see Pandora disks in Santa’s stockings last December?  I did not..)

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway ,yaaa – opening date to be announced later, booo.  This new attraction will be inside the Chinese Theatre and will replace The Great Movie Ride, which will close August 13, 2017.

We always did The Great Movie Ride at least once on every trip, but mainly because it was air conditioned and you got to sit for a while.  I cannot get too choked up that the ride is going away. I do hope that the new Mickey and Minnie based ride lives up to the hype  and really does use “new technologies that turn the flat world of a colorful cartoon short into a dimensional display of amazingness.”  If this turns out to be a re-use of the existing ride cars where they travel through lame plywood cutouts, that would not be cool. This is a great location and an empty sleight.  Please be excellent.

In conclusion, I am pretty excited to see Hollywood Studios getting some much needed attention.  It is a shame that it got to the point where the park has to be so torn up all at once, but that is what happens when you ignore the place for many years.  I look forward to the new attractions and lands and am itching to plan my next visit.

Happy travels.


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