Romance at Walt Disney World

The people of the world are divided.  Feelings are strong in each camp and there is no common ground.  No amount of discussion or argument will bring people together.  No, this is not about liberals and conservatives, or even religion vs atheism, or Left Twix vs Right Twix.  The real question that divides us, is Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida a romantic destination?

On one side of the argument are the people who think that romance is something that is defined by a prescribed set of circumstances.  These people see an ad with good looking couple walking alone in slow motion down a beach and realize that they are seeing romance.  They want that.  (OK, none of us are really that good looking, we don’t walk in slow motion, sand gets everywhere, and resorts tend to be full of other people…but whatever…)  Don’t get me wrong.  I love the beach.  My family loves the beach.  We go to the beach sometimes, on both coasts.  But the people in this camp seem to feel that if there is too much fun, it somehow distracts from the romance.  They want 100% of the focus to be on romance.  Wow, too much pressure for me.

Think about what we have been told is romantic by movies.  I mean, was the sinking of the Titanic really romantic?  Really?  It might be a lot of things, but somehow we have been convinced by a movie that it was romantic.  If you can buy into an idea that a real tragedy of suffering and death is romantic, maybe you can open your mind a bit and imagine that Walt Disney World might be a romantic destination too.

I think romance happens when you are together with the right person and you share experiences that bond you together.  That experience might be at the beach, or it might be somewhere else.

If you are two people who really enjoy the Walt Disney World experience, and would enjoy that experience together, then that experience can be romantic.  It really just depends on you.  Romance is a state of mind you bring with you to any destination.  We like holding hands as we move to the next attraction, and sharing snack food too full of calories to eat in the real world.  We like the feeling that there are no chores, no previous engagements, no appointments, and just the two of us in a place built for the purpose of fun.  We like walking down Main Street USA in the morning when the world is full of possibility.  We like that all decisions that must be made are between fun thing 1 and fun thing 2.  And, I think it is ok that for a few hours, or a few days, we can maybe feel a bit younger like we did the first time we went to Walt Disney World together.

Don’t let the travel industry, or music industry, or movie industry, or greeting card industry, prescribe what is romantic to you.  Be together doing things that you enjoy when you can.  Much of life is chores and work and just regular days.  While these regular days can be and should be enjoyed, once in a while it is nice to be in a place built for fun with someone you love.

Happy travels, and best wishes to all.


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