The Trip of a Lifetime

When planning your first trip to Walt Disney World, it is very easy to fall into the trap where you attempt to plan …THE TRIP OF A LIFETIME…  Unfortunately the result of this kind of thinking is opposite of your goal to have a wonderful experience with your family.  Instead, you get stress in the planning and execution stages of your trip.

So find your balance.  You need to plan so that you will know what to do at Walt Disney World when you arrive, but for you first trip there is no need to worry about and pay for all the “extras”.  There is enough fun stuff to do to fill your days.  Should you somehow run out of things to do, you will be worn out and need a nap.  Don’t worry that your children will miss out on something if you don’t schedule a princess makeover, 6 character meals, a pirate party, and a fireworks cruise.  Trust me, they will be on fun-stuff-overload already.

Also remember that there is an opportunity cost to all of these “additional” items.  During those 75 minute character meals, you could have grabbed fast food that kids really like, and rode a couple rides.  While making your way to the pickup point for a fireworks cruise, you could be watching a 3d show and then joining the crowd to see the same fireworks.

Happy travels.



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